21 years of expertise

Cibertele.com (CBT) is an electronic communications consulting company, founded in 2000, advising on technical, legal and administrative aspects involved in the start-up and development of new operators in Spain, interested both in providing service and in deploying radioelectric support networks.

An important part of its activity is dedicated by CBT to act as legal representative of foreign operators in Spain to whom, in addition to advising on authorizations necessary, represents in all the necessary procedures before the Administration, and facilitates National domicile for the purpose of notifications, an essential requirement to act in Spain.

CBT guarantees its clients a quick and efficient dialogue with the organs of the Administration responsible for granting the necessary permits, from the moment of obtaining of purely administrative elements of the Tax Agency (NIF, digital certificate), until registration as an operator by the CNMC regulatory body, or obtaining concessions for spectrum use before the Secretary of State for Communications.

Our extensive experience in obtaining concessions for the use of the radioelectric spectrum is of special interest for mobile service operators, with terrestrial or satellite networks, since It is a scarce resource that is highly regulated, through the CNAF, and that must satisfy high administrative fees for its use. In this regard, CBT offers a solid track record of obtaining concessions before the DGTel, a specialized body of the Secretary of State for Communications.